I grew up with a brother who was only 16 months younger than me. We grew up as close as twins, and naturally, I wanted my own children to grow up as close & as happy as I did.

Thus, my second pregnancy was a planned pregnancy.  It actually worked out so that my two children would be a year & a half to the day apart. I was ecstatic!

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My first was born with a midwife while we lived in Florida. I found it to be a great experience, but I couldn’t find a birthing center near me in Connecticut. 

I was not at all comfortable with going to a hospital, even if I had a nurse or midwife with me. Plus, my husband & I had an issue with insurance. We were both new to the state & he ran his own business, so we were without coverage.

We were planning to move to Massachusetts halfway through my pregnancy, and I didn’t know what I would do about changing doctors or having to drive long distances between two states. I also was not looking forward to all the tests.

Blood tests, urine tests, gestational diabetes tests…they made me despise pregnancy the last time. By the time I was 9 weeks along, we decided to go it alone.

I had an unassisted pregnancy. That meant no doctor’s visits, no sonograms, and no tests of any kind. I was free from needles! 

For 41 weeks I carefully took notes on my weight gain, blood pressure, fundal height, and any other comments that pertained to pregnancy. 

I was very careful about my diet; cut out all extra sugar, caffeine & alcohol. I felt that because I had done this before, I knew what I was doing, but still wanted to be super careful about it since I was doing it all without any kind of medical supervision. 

I also ran. I logged an average of 30 miles per week while pushing my toddler in the jogging stroller.  I also raced a 5K for each month of pregnancy, and believe it or not, was never any slower than 30 minutes in any of my races!

Not knowing the gender was hard on my husband. He became more & more nervous about having a girl with each week that passed. He kept thinking about having a teenage girl & which frightened him.

But I was different. One week I would want a girl saying that it would be fun to have one of each. The next week I would claim that I wanted a boy because it might be easier since I already had one. We named the baby Baby Maclean because no matter what gender, the middle name would be Maclean. 

As the days drew close, we became more & more excited to see who this Baby Maclean was!

I worked part-time up until I went into labor, which fortunately came on my day off. My husband was working almost two hours away from home that day, so I called my parents early to let them know that things were getting started.

They came over to sit with me & look after Alexander, my 18-month-old, while I focused on what I had to do.  I also called my husband and told him that I figured that I would be in full labor in about four hours.  I was right.

I sat in the bathtub with my mother nearby as I slowly melted into labor. My mind drifted off into the fantasy land I had created as a child, and there I played for a while until I knew it was time to find my baby and walk him or her out into the real world. 

I saw a field with wildflowers and a few cherry trees. 

Then in the middle of it all, there was Baby Maclean; a small child with black curls and blue eyes. He was chubby as a cherub & sweet as could be. I knew he was mine when I saw him. I told him it was time to go & he took my hand and walked with me.

I opened my eyes to a steam-filled bathroom. I could hear my husband talking with my father & son in the next room. I told my mother it was time to push. 

She helped me out of the tub & into the living room where some foam mats were protecting the floors.  I was already at 10 centimeters & my sack of water was bulging. In three pushes the waters gushed out.  In three more pushes, I could hear everyone in the house cheering for Baby Maclean. 

Two pushes and the head and face emerged. Standing, my husband and I embraced. One push more, Maclean existed, there, on the mat between my feet. I heard someone say, “You have another boy!”

My newest son, Iorek Maclean, was real & alive. A chunk of a boy, he weighed 9 pounds, 1.5 ounces, and was 22 inches long. He had black curls and shining blue eyes.  He held my finger as we nursed for the first time.

I was so pleased with my son’s birth! The pregnancy & the birth were both free from stress & fear, and my son was calmly introduced into this world on my terms.

I felt very empowered with my unassisted birth. Medical tests are meant for the sick & the weak, not for healthy moms and babies – not for me or my son.

Now that I have experienced a home birth – a truly natural birth – I believe that mothers who are in control & are comfortable in their surroundings have healthier, stronger, and happier babies.