Want to know if the amber teething necklace really works or not? Here, I shared my experience below about its effectiveness in a teething frenzy.

When my now three-year-old son started teething (around 8 months old) we were hit with the “teething frenzy” which consisted of fevers, drooling, fussiness, colic, and sleepless nights.

I tried everything to calm him and soothe his gums. I felt like I was driving to Whole Foods every other night, looking for a new remedy to try.

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I had never heard of amber teething necklaces and no one that I knew had tried them.

Now, less than two-and-a-half years later, many of my friend’s children are wearing them and they are “all the rage”.

I started to look into the research behind baltic amber teething necklaces when my daughter was born, 6 months ago.

I learned that what made these necklaces effective was that the amber contains succinic acid, which, when warmed against the skin, releases an all-natural analgesic (pain relief) that can help to ease teething pains, colic, gas, and other ailments.

I was curious (and a little skeptical) about what all the hype was about. Two months ago my daughter started to drool a lot, was getting really fussy and irritable, and was constantly putting her hands and objects in her mouth.

I did not want a repeat of my son’s experience so I bought her a 100% baltic amber teething necklace and I quickly saw her irritability and drooling subside.

Most people put the necklaces on their children during the day when they are awake. The jewelry should be removed while sleeping, but I have heard of people wrapping them around their child’s ankle and putting a sock over them at night (just to be safe).

The necklaces are meant to break if pulled too tight to prevent choking, but beads are individually knotted so they don’t all fall from the necklace. It is important to remember that these necklaces are not meant to be put in children’s mouths–they are not chewing toys!

It is also important to purchase amber jewelry made from 100% raw Baltic amber. This is the material that is effective and the cheaper, fake, ones are processed and therefore not effective.

I would recommend steering clear of the darker beads; they look nice but are supposedly less effective.

Baltic amber necklaces are effective with adults as well. From what I learned, amber allows the body to rebalance and heal itself and also helps with migraines, arthritis, acid reflux, inflammation, and many other ailments.

Since I have a bulging disc issue that causes me to have chronic lower back pain I thought I would try it. I bought my first amber necklace three weeks ago and I definitely have noticed a difference in the amount of pain in my lower back.

I am not as stiff and sore in the morning as I use to be, before wearing the necklace.

I am not going to say that these necklaces are 100% effective for everyone. I know people who swear by them and others who think they don’t work.

Given my experience, I found the necklaces very effective for both my daughter and myself. If you buy one and you don’t think it works, then at the very least you have a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear!

Here are some other remedies I found helpful for teething:

  • Rinse a washcloth and freeze it. This is great for them to chew on and relieves painful gums.
  • Boiron “Teething Relief” drops (naturopathic medicine)
  • Rubber Finger toothbrush
  • All-natural teething toys (ex: Sophie the Giraffe) and/or frozen teething rings
  • Frozen banana