Are you ready for another baby? A common question comes to mom’s mind planning to expand her family.

The joy of welcoming a new baby into the world is insurmountable, so it is no wonder that many women are often eager to do it again, not long after giving birth to their first little one.

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There are so many different perspectives on the best way to approach family planning, and plenty of statistics show both the positive and negative effects of giving your firstborn a sibling too soon, too late, or not at all.

The literature available on the subject can be discouraging and overwhelming, but ultimately, the decision to expand your family is a deeply personal and unique one, and there is no right or wrong way to go about doing it.

Whether you feel ready to get right back on the pregnancy bandwagon or you’re thinking about taking a few years off, here are a few things to consider when choosing which route is best for her and her family.


If you are hoping to have another baby soon after your first, but are planning to continue breastfeeding, you may find it difficult to conceive, as many women do not regain their fertility until they have stopped breastfeeding.

That being said, there are many women who have no problem at all nursing right until giving birth to their second child, and some women even accomplish tandem nursing both their newborn and their toddler.

Potty Training

This might seem like an insignificant consideration when deciding whether to have a second baby, but many moms try to postpone a second pregnancy until their first is out of diapers.

If you are a cloth diaper family, introducing another bum to the family will likely increase the amount of time that you spend in the laundry room, leaving you less time to cuddle and play with your two little ones.

Parents’ Age and Family Size

How many children do you plan to have? The answer to this question will probably help you to determine how quickly you might want to get pregnant again.

Of course, mom and dad’s age plays a factor in the short-term and long-term family planning, as well. Depending on the stage of life that you are in when your first baby comes along, you may want to take into account where you’d like to be when your last one graduates high school.

If you have always dreamed of having a large family, waiting too long to have your second baby could throw off your schedule.

On the contrary, if you expect that your family will be complete with two children, you may have a little more time to spread them out.

Sibling Dynamics

Many parents have an idea of the kind of sibling dynamic they hope to create between their children. Often, it is a dynamic based on the one that they had when they were growing up.

There is sufficient research to inform the discerning parent on the pluses and minuses of having children close in age versus spacing them further apart, but ultimately, there are no steadfast rules when deciding how soon to give your child a sibling.

Hope considering these factors will help you decide if you are ready for another baby or not….