Co-sleeping, while one of the more controversial natural parenting practices, is one that is high on the rise in recent years. 

Where once parents were encouraged to let their children “cry it out” alone in another room to develop independence and learn good sleeping habits, more and more parents are beginning to talk about the benefits of the shared family bed.

Many families who have tried co-sleeping claim that the closeness encouraged a stronger bond between parent and child, a more convenient breastfeeding arrangement, and for some, co-sleeping has even seemed to result in a more confident, well-adjusted child.

Have you been considering giving co-sleeping a try? Read about how you can make the family bed work for you and how you can ensure the utmost safety for your little one.

Tips for Co-Sleeping with Your Child Safely

1. Remove excess pillows, sheets, and blankets from your bed. Use breathable, clean, toxin-free fabrics.

2. Consider putting your mattress directly on the floor.

3. Add guard rails to your bed.

4. If your bedroom flooring is a hard surface, add rugs or cushions along the perimeter to protect your child in the case of an accidental fall.

5. Consider using a co-sleeper attachment.

6. Avoid wearing clothes or jewelry with long strings, chains or anything that could become tangled.

7. Do not allow any pets to share the bed with you and your baby.

8. Do not use any strong perfumes, soaps or lotions before sharing your bed with your little one.

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