Morning sickness is said to be one of the first tell-tale signs of early pregnancy, and it is a symptom that can be experienced by almost every expectant mother at one point or another.

Ranging from mild nausea all the way to daily bouts of vomiting, morning sickness can be simply annoying or downright debilitating. What can a mom-to-be do to get relief in the first trimester?

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Read about these natural morning sickness remedies and try them for yourself.


Eating small amounts of ginger can help calm a swirling stomach. Try sipping a glass of ginger ale or nibbling on a few ginger snaps. Drink some ginger tea or even nosh on some raw ginger (if you can stomach it.)


Beginning your day with a small serving of protein can give your stomach legs to stand on. Avoiding too many sweets and simple carbohydrates, especially in the morning, will work to keep your blood sugar regulated, helping you avoid spikes and sudden bouts of nausea.

Motion Sickness Bands

Can’t make it through a day of work without feeling dizzy and seasick? Try wearing motion sickness bands around your wrists. Often used by people who suffer from vertigo or other motion sickness-related ailments, these bands help your body adjust to changes in your environment.

Essential Oils 

Much like ingesting ginger, sniffing essential oils such as peppermint and clove oil can actually help to settle your unruly stomach. During your next attack of nausea, try dabbing a warm, wet washcloth with a few drops of peppermint oil, laying down in a dim, quiet room, and placing the cloth over your eyes. Inhale the aromatic oil slowly and let your body calm from within.

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Everything else… 

When all else fails, there are a few good old standbys that never fail. Keep a roll of crackers or hard candies in your purse for moments when morning sickness catches you by surprise. Get lots of sleep and take it slow, resting often throughout the day and napping whenever possible.

Eat lots of small meals throughout the day and stay hydrated; both can work wonders in getting you through your first trimester without too many extra trips to the bathroom.