As I write this I am spending two weeks in a tent with my six kids up on the beautiful North Shore of Lake Superior.

We are enjoying hiking along rivers and seeing beautiful waterfalls, collecting rocks along the shoreline, and enjoying the fact that food just tastes better when prepared and eaten outdoors!

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Camping is a great way for family fun and togetherness, but it also has potential for injury, Remembering safety tips and preparing ahead will allow you to have the most outdoor fun!

Don’t forget sun protection! 

When spending the entire day outdoors you may need more coverage than you would need for just an occasional trip to the playground.

Our family has been enjoying Banana Boat Natural protect, as it is a safe product at a moderate price point. I also have my kids wear hats, all day every day, and I keep my toddlers in lightweight long sleeve shirts. (this also protects them from bug bites)

Hydration is key

Everyone in the family has their own water bottle that I keep filled all day. When we hit the hiking trail, we also carry an extra 2-liter bottle of water to refill our bottles. We try 

Keep high-energy snacks on hand

We like to keep granola bars and apples accessible to the kids all day, and I serve three very hearty meals a day (we eat a lot more when we are outside than when we are at home!)

First Aid Kit

Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand. Ours contains bandages of several different sizes, antibiotic ointment, cleansing towelettes, and some sterile gauze for bigger injuries. Kids can and will get hurt, it is our job as adults to be prepared and calm.

Allow for downtime

We usually plan a longer hike or adventure for the morning, and then allow for toddlers to nap in the afternoon while the older kids ride bikes around the campground. 

Be prepared for rain

Sometimes the weather just does not cooperate, and you may have to spend an afternoon, or even a whole day in a tent or camper. Scope out some indoor activities to enjoy close by, bring along some rainy day toys and games, and, if you get stir crazy, just go out and play in the rain and mud. . .clothes and bodies can be washed.

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Let us know about some of your outdoor adventures! We’d love to hear about your summer fun!