I was recently coaxed by a friend into trying the hair product line from Innersense Organic Beauty

Spoiler alert: I was so impressed with the products that I was inspired to write my first-ever product review (you’re reading it).

I even asked them to consider doing a giveaway for our mamas and piloting our sponsor program (at no cost to them  — NaturallyBorn received NO compensation for this review of the sponsorship).  

Happily, they did.

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Now, I am not the type of person to get excited about hair care products.  I have fine, thin, straight hair on a good day. No matter what I used — fancy stuff, cheap stuff laden with toxins, or supposedly natural stuff — my hair remained, well, flaccid. (That’s such a funny word. Let’s say that again.  Flaccid.)

So why my excitement?  Because these products made even my thin, fine, flaccid hair come to life.  Maybe it is just a coincidence, but since using their products for the last 4 months, my hair has been growing like crazy. I even have new hair sprouting out, which is great since I lost a lot of hair after my last pregnancy.

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The best part? It’s as natural a hair care product as I’ve ever come across

The sales pitch: toxic-free, organic hair care products

Innersense Organic Beauty was founded by Joanne and Greg Starkman, both of whom had long careers in the mainstream beauty industry before founding Innersense. Eventually, both felt compelled to leave that toxic world: “Our professional paths were not in alignment with our values and lifestyle aspirations. Turning inward, a new journey began and Innersense was born.”  

The company has a relatively small line of hair care products — just the basics, really. The main value proposition is that their products are free of really evil stuff. That means,

  • No sulfates — and no pseudo-sulfates like those “other” supposedly organic brands
  • No resins or petrochemical
  • No phthalates
  • No parabens
  • No animal by-products
  • No propylene glycol
  • No artificial color or fragrances
  • Only organic ingredients 

Yay for that. But can a product without the evil stuff actually make hair look better? 

YES, or so they claim.  

When I spoke with founders Greg and Joanne Starkman, they explained that sure, resins, and other chemicals initially can make hair feel and behave well.  

But eventually, they weigh down the hair, and because they actually coat the hair in plastics and chemicals, they prevent hair and follicle from getting any nutrients that may or may not be in that product. In other words, the resins suffocate the hair.

According to their website, hair might initially feel strange when using Innersense products as the chemical coating is stripped the hair, revealing dry and undernourished hair. It could take a week or so for this process and the re-nourishment process to kick in. 

What I liked about their hair care products

Happily, I didn’t experience much of a transition. I used the Color Awakening Hairbath shampoo ($20) and Color Radiance Daily Conditioner ($20.)  And yes, I color-treat my hair. Who doesn’t?

Within the first three washes, I was amazed at how much softer — but still manageable — my hair felt. My flyaways were tamed, and even after blow-drying, my hair was still soft and full. And I swear I started getting NEW hair.  

Wow! I even — gasp — started getting compliments on my hair almost immediately.  This was, in and of itself, a first.  My hair has never been the type to get compliments.

I especially loved the Color Radiance Daily Conditioner. A little goes a VERY long way. When they say a pea-size amount is needed, they’re not kidding.

My second favorite is the Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner ($20). It’s lightweight and works great as a detangler.  It’s fantastic if you regularly blow-dry or style your hair.

Finally, I fell in love with the Harmonic Healing Oil (also $20), which features Tamanu oi, which I had never heard of. I use it for both skin and hair.  

I rub it on my hands, then pat it on my face (nighttime only), then use the residue on my hands to smooth the flyaways and (ironically) provide a bit of weight at the ends to help create smooth them out.

What I didn’t like as much

The only less-than-fabulous feedback I have is about the shampoo.  

Although I appreciate that the Color Awakening Hairbath shampoo is like the quarterback of the Innersense product team, I still can’t quite get used to the low amount of lather.  

It is not lather-less (like the Wen products), but even the low-lather is strange for those of us who think suds means clean.  

The company recommends that before applying it to hair, you should work the shampoo into a good lather in your hands, then apply it to hair.  

I sometimes find that the shampoo gets away from me, slipping out of my hands as I attempt to bubble it up.

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I also found that I have to use what feels like a lot of products, meaning I go through them faster than I would like.  

I suppose, however, that this is offset by the fact a bottle of conditioner lasts forever (I’ve been using the products for 3 months now, and have barely used a third of the conditioner. )

Overall impressions?  I’m a HUGE fan.

No surprise here, since I blew the punchline. Innersense Organic Beauty’s products are as pure as any product I have ever heard of and as good as any I have ever tried. 

Despite my minor gripes about the shampoo, I can truly gush that my hair has never looked or felt better. 

Have you tried Innersense Organic Beauty’s products? What did you think? Are there other natural hair products that we should know about? Leave a comment or contact us!