When will you leave your baby with a sitter for the first time? 

Any seasoned parent will tell you that there must be a fine balance kept between their role as a parent, their role as a spouse, and finding time for themselves. Reaching this balance can be a challenge, albeit an important one. These dynamic looks are different for every family.

For some, it may mean that date night be scheduled every week – a pizza on the couch with a new release DVD and a bottle of wine while the baby sleeps comfortably nearby.

For other parents, it might mean a call to the babysitter for a much-needed night out on the town to recharge their batteries, either as a couple or by themselves. 

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No matter what “mommy and daddy time” looks like, the reality is, that almost every parent will be confronted with the decision to leave their baby with a well-trusted caregiver at one time or another.

What time is the right time to leave your baby with a sitter? There is no one, universal, answer but there are many considerations to keep in mind when broaching the subject, and there are many plans to be made when finally leaving your babe with a sitter for the first time. 

Many parents who practice attachment parenting believe in the importance of maintaining a closeness between the baby and the sole, primary caregiver during their baby’s first year of life.

Some believe this practice results in an absence of separation anxiety for both baby and parent, resulting in a confident, anxiety-free baby. 

While there are many parents who believe in this sole caregiver practice, there are many others that feel that their relationship with their child is much more functional and happy when they have had some time apart from each other.

Some parents find that they are more alert to their child’s needs when they’ve had some time to recharge their batteries and focus on themselves or their relationship.

Some also find that this separation gives their child the opportunity to become more socialized and confident with new relationships. 

Whenever you decide to leave your baby with a sitter, it is essential to feel comfortable and to trust your instincts.

Having a sitter that you can trust with the physical and emotional safety and care of your child is of the utmost importance.

Leaving your baby with a family member or trusted family friend is many parents’ first choice, but a professional sitter or caregiver is often sought out when family and friends are not an option.

Hosting interviews and meet-and-greets with a new sitter are great ways to become more comfortable with the idea of leaving your baby for the first time.

Some parents prefer to have a caregiver that holds certifications and has been trained by professional organizations, while others feel comfortable with another mother who has had hands-on experience. 

The decision to leave your baby with another caregiver is never an easy task, and there is no right or wrong time to do it, but finding the right balance for your family is important.